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Skip the phone call and assess your pet's health status immediately

Petriage is an AI-driven triage analysis tool created by veterinarians that evaluates your pet's symptoms and suggests the next steps you should take.

It's Easy and Free to Use!

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Enter your pet's symptoms

Receive real-time results on a four-point scale:

  • Non-Threatening
  • Worrisome
  • Urgent
  • Emergency

Petriage works for you 24/7, even overnight and on holidays when we are closed. Skip the debate and get immediate advice on if a trip to the emergency veterinarian is warranted or if your pet can wait until the next business day.

Your analysis will be added to your pet's medical record and assist us with appropriately scheduling services for your pet.

Prairie Animal Hospital uses Petriage's platform to provide add-on services. To learn more about Petriage or their privacy policies, please visit or download their iOS or Android mobile applications.