Prairie Animal Hospital


Expert Advice From Home


We know busy schedules make it hard to come in to the clinic, or maybe you live outside of town. Telemedicine is a great option to get expert veterinarian care right from the comfort of your home! Telemedicine is the use of electronic communication to exchange information with your pet's medical health provider. It can be utilized for quick follow-up appointments, certain consults, and to get your questions answered by your veterinarian!

How to Reserve:

  1. There must be a valid Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship
    • Your pet must have been examined by a veterinarian within a year of the scheduled appointment. This is a legal requirement that all veterinarians must abide by in order to diagnose and prescribe treatments (including medications) to your pets.
  2. You must schedule an Appointment Time
    • Just like in-person appointments, you will need to call in to schedule an appointment for a specific date and time.
    • Not all concerns may be addressed via telemedicine. An assistant will direct you to the appropriate appointment type at the time of booking.
    • Appointments are available Monday - Saturday from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.
  3. You must download the PAH App
    • The app is the platform that will be used to conduct the telemedicine appointment in a secure setting.

Prior to Your Appointment

Download the app for free at either of these stores:

At sign-up, please use the email we have on file in order to have your account sync with our records. Only one email can be used per account. It can take up to 24-hours for your pet's information to sync with the app after the initial download (but you do not need to wait for the app to sync in order to utilize the chat function).

Fill out your check-in questionnaire PRIOR to your appointment time. An assistant can direct you which template to fill out: