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Prairie Animal Hospital is excited to announce that we now have Preventative Care Wellness Plans available for your pets!

What are Wellness Plans?

Wellness plans are NOT a form of insurance. Our preventative care plans are a package of services that we believe your pet needs in order to maintain their happy and healthy lifestyle.

We have several plans available for both our canine and feline companions, dependent on their age and lifestyle. You also have the capability to individualize the plans to your specific needs for services such as flea & tick prevention, and heartworm prevention.

Can I make payments for these plans?

Yes!! Our preventative care plans can be paid in full or broken down over 12-monthly payments! At enrollment, we will set up your account to have these payments automatically deducted from your account on the day you choose.

How do I enroll my pet?

You can pre-enroll your pet for a plan by following this link:


Here you can make an account and view the different plans we have to offer. After you make your account, we will contact you to finish your enrollment.

We can also create your account at your next appointment!