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General Surgery

General Surgery


Our surgical suite is equipped to handle most common surgical procedures. Our veterinarians and staff are highly trained to take care of your pet pre-, peri-, and post-operatively. Most patients even get to go home the same day! We are one of the only clinics in Northern Idaho to offer incisions made with a carbon dioxide laser, which reduces post-operative pain and discomfort. Our veterinarians are trained and have special interests in a multitude of different surgeries, providing your pet with the excellent care you have grown to expect from us!

Routine Surgery

Routine surgeries include spays, neuters and hernia repairs. We offer these services for canines, felines, and some small exotic pets. While we do not require an exam prior to scheduling these surgeries, we do recommend a pre-anesthetic exam so your veterinarian can go over the procedure with you and make sure your pet is a good anesthetic candidate.

Other routine surgeries include soft tissue surgeries such as growth removals, cystotomies, etc. Some of our veterinarians also perform declaws. We do require consultations for these type of procedures so our veterinarians can discuss the best approach to treat your pet's condition. Estimates will be provided at these consults, but if growths/your pet's condition has changed by the time of the scheduled procedure, we will give you an updated one at check-in.

Advanced Surgery

We are able to offer a variety of more advanced surgeries such as gastropexies, intestinal foreign body removals, and anal gland removals. These types of surgeries require a consultation prior to scheduling so our veterinarians can discuss the best approach to treat your pet's condition. Estimates will be provided at these consults.

We also offer orthopedic surgeries for some fracture repairs and other skeletal-muscular injuries such as ruptured CCLs. Please click here for more information.


We are equipped to handle some emergency situations such as lacerations, bite wounds, hit-by-car injuries, and gastrodilation volvulus (GDV, or "bloat") however, if your pet's condition is critical, we may recommend to transfer to an emergency or specialty hospital for the procedure or continued monitoring post-operatively. In the event of a suspected emergency, it is always best to call us and we will work with you to make sure your pet gets the attention they need.

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