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Mobile Services

Mobile Services

Let Us Bring the Hospital to You

Mobile Services

Hospitals can be a stressful environment to bring your pet to. There are lots of new sounds, smells, and people that can be overwhelming. We also understand that it can sometimes be difficult to travel with your pet to the hospital. That's why we currently offer mobile services! Our doctor and their technician will drive out and provide veterinary services from the comfort of your home! We currently offer these services on Mondays only. Services include preventative care (vaccines, annual blood panels), limited medicine/senior exams, and end-of-life care. At this time we are unable to provide mobile imaging services (i.e. radiographs and ultrasounds).

To schedule a home visit, please give us a call! We will be happy to schedule at a time that works best for you.

For communication purposes, we do ask that you download our PAH App (if you don't already have it), prior to your appointment. Downloading information can be found here.

We can provide approximate estimates for your home visit at the time of scheduling.

Schedule Your Appointment

Call or chat us on the app to schedule your appointment.

Phone: 208-772-3214

Not sure if you need an appointment? Use the Petriage Tool for a quick health assessment!