Prairie Animal Hospital


In the event of an emergency, please contact us and we can assist you and your pet.

During non-business hours, the nearest emergency hospital to our location is:
  • Phone
  • Address
    1336 W. Kathleen Ave.
    Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815

Not Sure if a Visit is Warranted? Try Petriage!

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Petriage is a symptom analysis tool created by veterinarians to provide medical insight for your pets 24/7. This innovative smart technology is constantly evolving to provide accurate health assessments every time an analysis is performed. Created by a veterinarian from Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine and the veterinary technology industry's leading engineers, this tool can be used by owners for free, courtesy of Prairie Animal Hospital.

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Petriage is free and easy to use!

There are two ways to easily access this service:

  1. (Highly Recommended) Use our app! Petriage is located under the "Resources" tab in the Prairie Animal Hospital mobile app. Owners will need to initially create an account the first time they sign-in, but after that, you're all set! Use the email we have on file (which should be the same email used to log in to the app), and all of your pet's information will sync to the Petriage account.
  2. Create your account here , then download the Petriage app for iOS or Android devices and log in to your account through the app (You can also choose to use web browsers if you prefer). Your pet's information will not as easily sync with our files if you use this method.

How to use Petriage

Petriage can be used to make an informed decision about seeking medical treatment when you are concerned about your pet. Simply log in to the app, select the pet in question's profile, and follow the prompts. The analysis will give you real-time recommendations based on a four point scale:

  • Non-Threatening - generally it is expected for the symptoms to resolve on their own.
  • Worrisome - continue to monitor symptoms and if not improving within 2-3 days, an exam by a veterinarian may be warranted.
  • Urgent - care is recommended within the next 12 - 24 hours.
  • Emergency - veterinary care is recommended immediately.

Anytime an analysis is performed, an electronic copy will be attached to your pet's medical record. We will be able to see the analysis and follow up with you if necessary. The Petriage tool will provide our contact information (or the emergency hospital, if it is outside business hours) to you.

This service does not diagnose conditions, or have the ability to give treatment advice. It is solely meant to assist with determining if your pet needs to be examined, and how soon they should get in for that exam. If you ever suspect your pet is in immediate danger, we recommend calling us or an emergency hospital first.

Prairie Animal Hospital uses Petriage's platform to provide add-on services. To learn more about Petriage or their privacy policies, please visit or download their iOS or Android mobile applications.