Prairie Animal Hospital
Meet the Team

Meet the Team

The Veterinarians

Our veterinarians work to provide your pet with the exceptional and individual healthcare experiences your pet deserves. They have all graduated from accredited colleges of veterinary medicine, and continue to further their education to make sure they are always up to date with all the new developments in veterinary medicine that can further improve the health of your pet.

Andrew Nicholson, DVM

Elisa Parker,


Jessica O'Hara,


Dennis Riggs, DVM

Jackie Reese,    DVM

Tara Williams, DVM

Lindsay Isaac, DVM

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New DVM Coming Soon

Emily Morris, DVM

Seana Thrasher, DVM

The Support Staff

Our support staff assists our veterinarians in all the day-to-day functions of the veterinary hospital. They all come from a variety of educational backgrounds and experiences which improve the quality care your pet receives while in hospital.

Chelsie Website Square

Chelsie Roberge, CVPM

AED Square

Amanda Dilbeck, Marketing & Communications; Assistant

Tian Website Square

Tian Sanders, Financial Administrator

Karen Website Square

Karen Foley, Kennel Manager

Mitch Square

Michelle Murray, Lead Assistant

Shannon Website Square

Shannon Nowoj, Administrative Assistant

Ali Ames Square

Ali Ames, Receptionist

Cindy Draper Square

Cindy Draper, Receptionist

Sarah Dunbar Square

Sarah Dunbar, Receptionist

Pam D. Square

Pam Duncanson, Receptionist

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Deirdra O'Neill, Receptionist

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Shaundra Russel, Receptionist

Missing Toby

Genevieve Townsend, Receptionist

Tabi T. Square

Tabi Townsend, Receptionist

Hailey C. Square

Hailey Corege, Laboratory Assistant

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Lauren Antons,  Veterinary Technician

Melissa B. Square

Melissa Bullock, Assistant

Carlee C. Square

Carlee Carroll, Assistant

Jen D. Square

Jen Demetre, Assistant

Tyler F. Website

Tyler Fawcett, Assistant

Carly F. Website

Carly Fuller, Assistant

Missing Toby

Tiana Heath, Assistant

Emily H. Square

Emily House, Assistant

Missing Toby

Autumn Jenkins, Assistant

Missing Toby

Shelby Knapp, Assistant

Missing Toby

Anya Kurronen, Assistant

Missing Toby

Addison Meyer, Assistant

Emma T Square

Emma Thomson, Assistant

Missing Toby

Mercedes Weiss,  Assistant

Missing Toby

Braelyn Morse, Kennel Assistant

Missing Toby

Gabrielle Selway, Kennel Assistant