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Check Out Our Online Pharmacy

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Receive Quality Products.

Not all online sources are the same — unlike others, we can ensure you will get safe products. Hear it directly from the FDA.

Our online pharmacy has a larger selection of medications than our in house pharmacy. The online store front supplies safe, quality medications and prescription diets that are shipped directly to you.  These products are supplied to the pharmacy directly from the drug's manufacturer, so you don't have to worry about fraudulent products like with other online pharmacies, and you can be assured they have been stored, shipped and handled appropriately.

Our online pharmacy can be used for convenience. You can set up your pet's prescriptions to be on autoship - meaning as long as you have refills available, they'll be shipped directly to your home before you run out, additionally saving yourself a trip in to town.

You can qualify for free shipping on orders greater than $50 or when your orders are placed on autoship. Check back frequently for online promotions, sales and rebates on your products.

Shop our online pharmacy for flea & tick prevention and prescription diets that we don't carry on-site.

Need help setting up your online account? Our pharmacist can help you next time you stop in to pick up your pet's prescriptions.

Prefer to use our in-hospital pharmacy?

We are always happy to fill that prescription for you and give it the individualized experience. We do our best to keep our shelves fully stocked with the prescription medications most commonly required for our patients.

If you prefer to use our in-house pharmacy, we do ask that you contact us at minimum, 24 hours in advance of needing the medication. This allows our veterinarians to thoroughly review your pet's medical record and give the pharmacist time to fill the prescription. You can request a prescription refill by calling us, or using our app to request it from your mobile device.

Pharmacy Pick Up Preferences:

  1. Walk-Up Pharmacy Window
  2. Mail to Home *Shipping/Handling & Restrictions May Apply

*Please note - we do not have a pharmacist available on weekends, this may extend the time it takes for your prescription to be filled. We recommend to have a few days worth of medication on hand in case of delays. Our stock of medications may also be affected by current events out of our control (e.g. weather related delays, supply shortages due to pandemics). If requested, a written prescription can be provided to you to shop elsewhere in case of stock shortages.

In order to dispense any prescription medications, the Idaho Board of Veterinary Medicine requires that a valid veterinarian/client/patient relationship exists. This means, legally, our veterinarians cannot prescribe or dispense any medications without having performed a physical examination on your pet within a year's time. This is a legal requirement that we must and will follow. We will notify you to schedule an annual exam if your pet has not been seen within this required timeframe.